Indigenous Peoples Rights

The Fourth World Center for the Study of Indigenous Law and Politics was founded as a resource commons of authoritative information on indigenous peoples’ affairs. The Center provides resources and services that focus on the legal and political issues faced by indigenous populations. The Center also features a library, periodicals, audio and visual equipment, and newsfile archives on current development issues surrounding “the Fourth World,” and will soon offer a certificate program in this area.

The major components of the Center’s educational project are:

  • The creation and presentation of a university-level multidisciplinary curriculum focused on the study of indigenous peoples;
  • The publication of the Fourth World Bulletin, a journal on indigenous politics with a global concentration;
  • The development of university textbooks for the study of indigenous politics; the presentation of public forums;
  • The presentation of testimony before international legal organizations.

Beyond its unique curriculum development work at CU Denver, the Center’s educational mission has been to construct a national and international forum for analysis of law and government policies that affect indigenous peoples in every part of the world. Therefore, the Center focuses heavily upon the evolution of legal institutions that are being created for the recognition and protection of indigenous peoples, especially the United Nations Draft on the Rights of Indigenous People.